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INA bearings AS75100 Thrust Roller Bearings
Bearing Brand : INA
Bearing Type: Thrust Roller Bearings
Bearing Reference : AS75100
Main Products : Bearing,SKF Bearing,NSK Bearing
Main Markets : South America, North America, Domestic Ma
INA bearings AS75100 Thrust Roller Bearings Technical Parameters


OD(Outer diameter) : 100
ID(Inner diameter): 75
B(Thickness) : 1
Net Weight : Email us, get more detailed - Net Weight parameters
Material : Bearing steel
Dynamic Load Rating : Used when calculating dry sliding bearings which are to be dynamically loaded
Static Load Rating : Defined as the maximum load which one bearing composite bushing
Max Speed : Determined by criteria that include the form stability of the cage and other limiting factors
Clearance : Defined as the total distance through which one bearing ring can be moved relative to the other in the radial direction
Number of Rows : According to specific product, we can custom-made for you
INA bearings AS75100 Thrust Roller Bearings Description

Definition and Application of bearing AS75100 INA AS75100

bearings Thrust Roller Bearings AS75100

bearing AS75100 INA AS75100 bearings Thrust Roller Bearings AS75100 for axial load mainly axial, radial

joint load. Such bearings lower friction coefficient, high speed, and with self-aligning performance. Thrust

cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in oil rig, the system iron steel machinery. Thrust spherical roller

bearings are mainly used in hydroelectric power, vertical motors, marine propeller shafts, tower cranes, extruders.

Thrust tapered roller bearings mainly purposes: One-way: crane hook, oil rig swivel-way: rolling mill roll neck.

Type and Series of Thrust Roller Bearings

Thrust roller bearings are divided into thrust cylindrical roller bearings, thrust spherical roller bearings, thrust

tapered roller bearings and thrust needle roller bearings.

Thrust cylindrical roller bearings

This bearing can withstand large axial load in one direction, but can not bear radial load, they are not self-aligning

capability. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings can be split into thrust cylindrical roller and cage assembly, shaft ring and seat.

80000 series is the mainly series.

Thrust spherical roller bearings

Thrust spherical roller bearings and spherical roller bearings similarly, race raceway is consistent with the bearing

center axis as the center point of the sphere, such as spherical roller bearing type, therefore, it has a self-aligning

feature for concentricity and shaft deflection less sensitive.

29000 series is the mainly series.

Thrust tapered roller bearings

Thrust tapered roller bearings can be formed axially very compact bearing arrangements, these bearings can

withstand heavy axial load, impact load is not sensitive, and good rigidity. LYTBZ production Thrust tapered roller

bearings and two-way Tapered roller thrust bearings. Tapered Screw-way bearing constitute a specially designed

roller thrust bearings, and contain full roller.

90000 series are the mainly series.

Thrust needle roller bearings

AX series is the mainly series of thrust needle roller bearings.

Special suffix of bearing AS75100 INA AS75100 bearings

Thrust Roller Bearings AS75100

F: Machine cutting steel cage.

JR: Stamping steel cage, Composed of two pieces of steel.

M: Machine cutting brass cage.

P5: Dimensions and rotation accuracy are in line with ISO tolerance grade 5.

TN9: Injection glass fiber reinforced nylon 6, 6 cage.

Packing of bearing AS75100 INA AS75100 bearings Thrust

Roller Bearings AS75100

Installation and maintenance Of bearing AS75100 INA AS75100

bearings Thrust Roller Bearings AS75100

Installation steps: install showings, and then loaded roller and cage, and then install the topsheet above the

spacer can be fixed shaft, drive shaft rotation.

Although the thrust bearing installation operation is relatively simple, but the actual repair is still often an error

occurs, the tight and loose ring bearing ring mounting location that is incorrect, the results of the bearing out

of action, the journal soon be worn. When installing, make sure that the components in the correct position.

We also supply

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511 ** (81) ,512 **(82) ,513 (83) ,514 ** (84) series and

Angular Contact Thrust all Bearings like: 5617 ** (1687) ,

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AC (46) series ; otherwise include QJ and QJF series

Roller Bearing

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213**, 238**, 248**, 249**and special series include 26** i.e

2638 (3738), 2644 (3844) and so on

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303**(73), 313**(273),323**(76), 3519**(10979), 3529**(20979),

3510**(971), 3520**(20971),3511**(10977), 3521**(20977), 3522**(975),

319**(10076),3819**(10779),3829**(20779), 3810**(777,771),

3820**(20771), 3811**(10777,777) for example: 77752, 77788,

77779 and also include Inch series bearings suchas 938/932

single and double row i.e M255410CD etc.

Thrust Roller Bearing

292**(90392), 293**(90393),294**(90394),994**(90194), and

9069 series.

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

NU10**, NU2**,NU22**, NU3**,NU23**, NU4**, N, NJ ,NUP series

as well as NB, NN, NNU series of big bearings, and we also have

Split Bearings 412740, 422740 used in cement industry.

And FC, FCD series used inSteel Industry.

And many special items are also available.

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